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With this declaration of consent, you accept the following terms of use and forum rules:


Only fully completed forms are checked and further processed, all others are immediately deleted immediately

A valid e-mail address is required to register.

Only one e-mail address is allowed per registration.

Choose a password that is as secure as possible and do not share your access data with third parties.

The forum stores your access data in a database, but does not use it for evaluations and does not pass it on to third parties.

Your e-mail address will not be displayed to guests by default.

If problems occur during the registration process, contact the administrator.

This will send you a temporary password. After a successful login, you can enter a new, own password in your user profile.

With a registration in the forum you have the possibility to choose your own username and fill in your user profile. A password is required.

If you are in possession of another user's password, report this to the administrator. It is not permitted to log in with other user data!

In addition to the registration data, see forum rules point 6. (below)


Termination of membership

You can terminate your membership at any time via your user profile. Your contributions are automatically anonymised, but deletion is not possible for reasons of time and reasons for the traceability of the contribution structure. Your rights as authors are respected. It is not possible to determine the extent to which a creation limit is exceeded, which becomes a copyright for intellectual property from the right as the author, since individual contributions must be considered in a context of several contributions by different authors.

By deleting your account, all personal data of you are irrevocably deleted from the database according to the Data Protection Act.

Pictures uploaded in the photo gallery are to be removed by the member who wishes to leave the forum before deleting the account, if desired.



All racist, discriminatory, offensive, sexually offensive, vulgar, contrary to applicable jurisprudence and / or morality are not permitted.

Unauthorized advertising and spam of any kind are also prohibited. Copyrighted content may only be published with the express permission of the copyright owner.

The responsible person (s) of this forum (hereinafter referred to as the administrator) have the possibility to control the contents before they are publicly provided. This only serves to filter out unwanted content, which violates these conditions of use and / or the applicable forum rules, and does not evaluate contributions or their authors.

The Administrator reserves the right to change, delete, move and edit the titles at any time. This also applies to content in user profiles.

Authors are themselves responsible for the written contributions and their contents. The Administrator assumes no liability for the correctness, completeness and timeliness of the contributions. If a contribution violates these Terms of Use and / or the applicable forum rules, you can report it to the Administrator.

The following applies to the user name and the information in the user profile: Any racist, discriminatory, offensive, sexually offensive, vulgar, contrary to applicable jurisprudence and / or morality are not permitted.

By uploading a file (Images / Avatar), you confirm that you have the right to publish this image and not infringe any copyright laws or infringe any copyright.Since this forum was set up to enable a lively exchange "around the retro scooter", participation in this exchange is more than desired! Therefore the forum management reserves a deletion of an inactive account, after three months before.

The IP address is stored for each entry. In the event of a legal offense, this information is forwarded to the investigating authorities at the request of the law enforcement authorities. The forum stores your user data in a cookie on your local PC. This is only used to log your logon status.

Forum rules

To ensure a smooth forum operation we ask for the following rules:

1.Personal messages (PN) are for the personal exchange of messages, technical questions and problems we ask to make available in the forum of the community as contributions / questions.

2.Profiles must be completed (mandatory). User accounts with incomplete profile details can be deleted or blocked (see point 6)

3.Advertising and recommendations of other similar (subject Retro Roller) forums are not welcome, and can lead to exclusion in the event of a rejection from the forum.

4. The distribution and use of profiles of other forum members without their consent is prohibited. Violations are an immediate user account deletion.

5.Quoting of contributions, the distribution of database contents and pictures from our forum is only permitted with the consent and appropriate source indication. Contraventions lead to an immediate exclusion from the forum.

6.Profile details marked with a * are mandatory. The specification of a valid telephone number serves for the personal authentication / identification of the user by the forum management. This is a possible personal call by the forum management at the user. This can take place before a release of the account (new registration), but also afterwards.

This telephone number is only accessible to the forum management and can be seen.

This security is used by all of us to protect us against fake applications!